Our Purpose


Our purpose is to ensure that glass is recognised as an environmentally acceptable packaging material which is 100% recyclable.

How does the Glass Packaging Forum achieve this?

  • By targeting and  funding projects which assist in the collection of glass or research alternative options for its use
  • By participation in consumer awareness programmes to increase glass recycling and reduce litter
  • By building relationships with Local Authorities, Central Government and Community Groups to promote a recycling culture
  • By accurately recording data for the annual Glass Mass Balance to continually improve the glass recycling rate
  • By promoting the benefits of a non regulatory trading environment to the users of glass packaging
  • By publicizing its achievements illustrating that voluntary environmental commitment by industry gets positive results

Steering Committee

Alistair Sayers -Chair
Frucor Beverages
David Meads
Doug Banks
DB Breweries Ltd
Penny Garland
O-I New Zealand
Rob Langford
Neil Waka
Coca Cola Amatil
Mark Smith
Rubbish Direct

GPF Key People

Scheme Manager
Adele Rose

T:0800 267 674

Office Manager
Donna Hellens

T:021 105 5743

Lyn Mayes


Founding General Manager
John Webber

A Brief History

The Glass Packaging Forum was created to address the critical issues of ensuring market opportunities and price for excessive waste consumer glass for those parties collecting glass.

Up until the end of 2004, these parties, be they contractors or councils, had been able to sell all the glass material to NZ’s only container manufacturer O-I New Zealand.For the first time in 2004 the collections exceeded the volume that O-I could use resulting in collections for which there were no markets.

In order to avert government intervention, ‘stop gap’ measures were taken by some enterprises utilizing glass packaging, while an equitable approach embracing all in the supply chain was developed under the Forum.

A program was designed to find alternative uses for the excess glass which did not include subsidies but supported R&D for the development of alternative and local uses.

Levies are raised on the basis of $3.90 per tonne for all glass consumed in New Zealand with a third ($1.30) payable by the manufacturer or importer of the container; a third by the filler or brand owner and a third by the retailer.

Over 100 companies are members of the GPF raising hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for approved projects. The GPF has been congratulated by Central Government for its innovative approach. It has been described as a great example of all parties in a supply chain, demonstrating they can, and are able, to take responsibility for their own products throughout all stages of the life cycle.

Under the Glass Packaging Product Stewardship Scheme, established as a voluntary product stewardship organization under the Packaging Accord and accredited by the Government under the Waste Minimisation Act (2008), there is a requirement to demonstrate the whole sector is behind the program so as to obviate the need for Government intervention.

The Forum’s Product Stewardship Scheme was formally accredited in May 2010 for a seven year period which can be extended subject to performance.


Projects funded by the Forum have contributed to the lifting of the annual glass recycling rate from 53% in 2007 to 73% today.

In recognizing the progress made, the Forum acknowledges the contribution from members who responded positively to the need to address those issues, which if not done so would have led to Government intervention.