Applying for a Grant

The Forum will consider applications for any programme or programme development likely to result in variable or alternative uses of waste glass.

Grant Application

Download the GPF funding glass projects APP FORM 2017 and fill out the form and email it back to us.

Events Funding Application

Download the GPF funding glass events APP FORM 2017 and fill out the form and email it back to us.

To return either type of application:

Please email us your application, or post it to us at:

PO Box 58110
Manukau 2163


Information to support application for funding

  • Indication of volumes of glass likely to be processed in the future
  • Will the project result in higher value use of glass
  • Extra tonnes of glass available in the location of the project
  • If a new process, what will be the improvement over current programmes
  • What education component (if any) does the project have
  • Health and safety policy (please provide a copy with your application)
  • PR value to all parties
  • Any environmental benefits additional to the use of the glass
  • Time lines for completion of the project
  • An anticipated financial analysis i.e. cost/benefit
  • Applicant’s own investment in the project
  • Potential commercialisation of the process
  • Confirmation that results of the project will be made public
  • What criteria the applicant will use to gauge success of the project
  • A commitment to a regular update of progress