Bins with a story to tell

Events are not only a source of colour-sorted glass to go back to the furnace, but a chance to educate the public about glass recycling. And this event company has bins with a story to tell!

Clean Event, an Auckland-based company working with the majority of Auckland’s major events, was granted funding from the Glass Packaging Forum for more of their fantastic 240L wheelie recycling bins.

The 15 new bins not only allow for more colour-sorted glass to go back to the furnace at O-I New Zealand, but also endeavour to teach the public about glass recycling through eye-catching artwork depicting the story of glass recycling in the circular economy.

The artwork makes the bins unique and provides a superb educational angle that draws event users to the recycling station.

Clean Event anticipate that the tonnage of glass from events they are contracted to will increase to over 50 tonnes per year.