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Become a sustainability champion in business. Help us achieve the goal of zero container glass to landfill.

If you manufacture or sell products in glass, joining the Glass Packaging Forum will help you achieve more sustainable outcomes for your products through product stewardship and advocacy for evidence based, industry led solutions.

The Glass Packaging Forum is a product stewardship scheme belonging to The Packaging Forum and accredited by the Ministry for the Environment.

What we do

Advocate on your behalf to government for evidence based policy and solutions to achieve the most sustainable outcomes for glass.
Connect businesses that sell glass-packaged goods with those who collect and recycle glass to maximise recovery, re-use, recycling and alternative uses.
Fund initiatives that support circular solutions.

Investing for good

Your membership levies help support a wide range of activity that results in glass being recovered, rather than sent to landfill.

With an annual investment in projects of between $200,000 – $350,000, our focus is to increase the investment in infrastructure which supports councils, waste management contractors and community recyclers to recover glass. Grants also extend to research, recycling at events and other projects with positive outcomes for glass. To date, over $3,700,000 has been awarded. That’s something to be proud of!

Doing our research

While we know that refilling glass containers or returning them to the furnace to create new bottles and jars is the best outcome for glass, it’s not always possible.

So funding research and development for alternative uses for glass is an important part of our grant spend.

A credible force

The GPF Product Stewardship Scheme is a voluntary scheme accredited by the Ministry for the Environment.

As part of this, we are required to monitor, measure and report on KPI’s that measure improvement year on year. You can be assured that you are part of a strong and credible scheme working to improve outcomes for your products or packaging.

Business-led solutions

We believe sustainability solutions should be led by business, in collaboration with national and local government and the consumers who buy our products. That’s why broad representation from all industries involved in the production, distribution, sale, collection and recycling of glass is critical to the Forum’s success.

Lead the way in sustainability

We all know that business customers and consumers are demanding better environmental outcomes for the products and packaging they buy. Joining the GPF is a simple way to demonstrate your commitment to achieving good outcomes for this 100% recyclable packaging, and to improving your own sustainability story.