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Let’s tell the story of glass

Glass has a great sustainability story and we want to help everyone spread the message. We’ve created a number of resources to help you tell the infinitely recyclable story of glass as well as how you are part of the solution.


As a product stewardship scheme accredited by the Ministry for the Environment, we publish a report of our activities and results each year.

Accreditation report 2019-20
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Accreditation report 2018-19
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Accreditation report 2017-18
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Video is a great way to tell a story, so we created these to talk about glass recycling in New Zealand, the benefits, and what part our members play. You can also view our grant allocation videos, which we create alongside funding recipients and are regularly updated.
If you would like a copy of any of these videos feel free to get in touch, otherwise feel free to link to any of them here.


Funding grants which mean less glass is lost to landfill and more is recycled is a key focus of the GPF. These maps indicated in which regions and districts we have funded projects so far.
We have also created a map which indicates the different collection methods employed by councils and contractors around the country to collect glass for recycling or alternative use.
These maps, which are freely downloadable, are regularly updated to reflect the latest information.

Glass collection methods
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Funding by location
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Funding by region
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Let us help

Our purpose is to connect businesses that sell
glass-packaged consumer goods with those that collect
and recycle glass. This enables glass to be returned to
the furnace or made into alternative products, with the
aim of zero container glass to landfill.