Glass for good

We want better environmental outcomes for container glass that benefit our communities.

That’s why we commissioned independent consultants to design the best system for New Zealand.

An Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme is a smarter, long-term solution for container glass New Zealanders can be proud of.

See how the scheme would increase glass recycling, reduce emissions and boost our circular economy.

Glass is 100% recyclable, right here in Aotearoa

Our goal is to keep glass bottles and jars out of landfill.
Our members are stepping up to fund projects that get more container glass back for recycling and reuse.
And while it’s complex, there are a couple of things that make it so much easier!

Colour Separation
This makes it infinitely easier to get glass back to the furnace, so let’s make colour separation standard practice, not just best practice!
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We’re helping hotels, pubs, restaurants and bars improve glass recycling issues such as access, volume, bins and colour sorting.
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Hub & Spoke
Using a ‘hub & spoke’ collection model for colour sorted glass is more efficient and cheaper in our long, narrow country.
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Events & Public Spaces
Sports, entertainment and cultural events often involve a drink, so let’s make sure glass bottles don’t end up in landfill – please put them in the recycling bins!
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Alternate Uses for Glass
When sending glass “back to the furnace” isn’t possible, there are other alternatives to landfill, such as road building, water filtration, sports turf and agricultural mulch.
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Working Together

The Glass Packaging Forum encourages and considers applications to fund research or programmes to aid glass recovery in New Zealand.

If appropriate, the Forum may provide financial support for the research or programme’s introduction or development. The Glass Forum financially supports promoting recycling at events and /or programmes designed to raise awareness about glass recovery.

How it Works

The scheme collects voluntary levies from companies that make or import glass containers, fill glass containers or sell glass containers in New Zealand.

The levies raised are used to fund projects, research, infrastructure and educational programmes to increase the recycling and re-use of glass into either new glass containers or for alternative uses leading to a reduction in waste container glass to landfill.

Our purpose is to connect businesses that sell
glass-packaged consumer goods with those that collect
and recycle glass. This enables glass to be returned to
the furnace or made into alternative products, with the
aim of zero container glass to landfill.


Glass Packaging Forum

We promote the environmental benefits of glass packaging and manage the accredited Glass Packaging Forum Product Stewardship Scheme.

Established in 2006, the Glass Packaging Forum is now part of The Packaging Forum which is dedicated to developing product stewardship across packaging materials and the packaging supply chain.

Our Members

More than 100 companies voluntarily join the Glass Packaging Forum to ensure the best outcome for their glass containers – from manufacturers to recyclers.  Join us!

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