Twizel golf club turning glass recycling bogey into an ace

Ben Ohau Golf Club committee member Tracey Gunn uses one of the new glass recycling bins on the course.

Players at the Ben Ohau Golf Club in Twizel can now recycle their glass after enjoying a refreshment between tee boxes.

The Glass Packaging Forum recently awarded the club a $4,700 grant for seven glass recycling bins and five general rubbish bins around the course and clubhouse. This is expected to see the glass to landfill, during summer, be greatly reduced.

Club committee member Tracey Gunn says the club previously only had general rubbish bins at the course. “The club is non-profit and the groundskeeper doesn’t have time to separate the rubbish from these bins. The club is committed to having zero glass to landfill, and these glass recycling bins are a step in that direction,” Tracey says.

The club is particularly popular during the hot McKenzie Country summer, with green fee players enjoying a drink during their round. “Approximately two-thirds of the waste in the bins is glass at this time,” she says.

The club had to wait for warmer weather as the heavy frosts made installing the bins impossible. They are now ready for busy upcoming summer season, Tracey says.

Glass Packaging Forum Scheme Manager Dominic Salmon says he applauds the club’s zero glass to landfill ambition and looks forward to seeing what impact the recycling bins will have.

“Improving recycling takes a commitment from everyone, from individuals and small clubs to large councils. We are only too happy to have been able to help the Ben Ohau Golf Club,” Dominic says.