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Councils, waste management companies and community recycling groups are on the front line when it comes to glass recovery.

Councils, in particular, tend to walk a tightrope, balancing best practice environmental outcomes with the need to provide good value services to their ratepayers. With this in mind, the Forum have appointed 3R Group Ltd as scheme managers to help you find the best path for glass recovery.

Hub and Spoke

As scheme managers, 3R are tasked with working closely with councils, recyclers, waste management companies and other operators across New Zealand to maximise outcomes for container glass.

In the ideal world, this is colour-separated glass, returned to furnace in Auckland to make new containers. However, the challenges of transport and distance don’t always make this possible. The GPF are working to implement a “hub and spoke” model which channels glass to centralised hubs to allow for efficiencies in handling and transport.

Working together

So, whether your challenge is managing or reducing stockpiles, addressing infrastructure or transport issues, reviewing contracts to find that perfect balance between cost and environmental benefit, or helping to build collaborative partnerships, we think it works best when we work together.

We don’t take it for granted

Not only can the Scheme Managers provide practical advice, facilitate collaboration, and help you find effective solutions, the Forum also offers funding for beneficial projects.

So, whatever the problem, get in touch to see how we can help remove those bottlenecks!

Improving glass collection in our communities

Whatever your requirement there’s a wide range of solutions available that can result in significant increases in glass recovery.

Colour separation is recommended wherever possible to maximise the volume of glass suitable to go “back to the furnace”.

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Our purpose is to connect businesses that sell
glass-packaged consumer goods with those that collect
and recycle glass. This enables glass to be returned to
the furnace or made into alternative products, with the
aim of zero container glass to landfill.